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Rider features a sleek and stylish leather look on top of a 4-way stretch polyester spandex spacer. Made entirely of synthetic fibers, this fabric features a faux leather textured face, spacer backing and is perfect for "vegan leather" fashion concepts including couture, dance wear and cosplay.

Content: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex | Cut Width: 55/60" | Usable Width: 50" | Weight: 400 gsm, 11.8 oys | Stretch Percentage: 25%

FEELING IS BELIEVING! Experience the superior quality of Blue Moon Fabrics for yourself with a CUSTOM SWATCH PACK of 5 SWATCHES of your choice. Each swatch comes as a 3"x 3" square with individual labels indicating the product name, color, and retail price.


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