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HALLOWEEN IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Feels like spooky season is sneaking up upon us faster than ever this year🥵
This year, let's skip over the panicking that happens right before a Halloween party that you were invited to (chose to block out) because the thought of coming up with a fun Halloween costume is not your strong suit! With Blue Moon Fabrics, the ideas and visions for your Halloween costume will come to you. You won't have to worry about showing up to that Halloween party wearing the same costume as 3 other people anymore! (because let's be honest, not the best feeling). At Blue Moon Fabrics we take pride in providing a large variety of different fabrics to ensure everyone finding something they love. With thousands of different patterns, shapes, finish, and colors shopping with us is FUN guaranteed! Creativity starts at Blue Moon Fabrics. 
Check out this article from Fashion District---- "For Those Who Love To DIY;
Tutus, sequined tops and shorts, corsets, boas, masks, bunny ears… you name it we have it. For raw materials and specialty items – plain masks to decorate yourself, peacock feathers, butterfly/fairy wings, beads and sequins, millinery supplies, foam, etc. – we suggest paying a visit to the trim and bead stores located in the textiles area of the district. SHOP NOW!


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