Blue Moon Fabrics Nylon Spandex
Stretch, stretch, hold and back to the starting position - no, this is not about the best stretching exercises for your workout. But it's about a fiber that's pretty much always involved and is pretty much guaranteed to outperform you: elastane. The synthetic fiber, also known as "Lycra" or "Spandex", is added to almost all sportswear and ensures the best performance, fit and comfort. Why this is so and what reasons speak for or against spandex as an ingredient for sportswear, you will learn here. With 149 colors, across 3 collections, Blue Moon Fabrics carries the LARGEST selection of Solid Matte Nylon Spandex! This high-quality, 4-way stretch fabric is ideal for swimwear, gymnastics and performance costumes. Featuring 35 colors, the Skin Tones & Neutrals Collection contains a large variety of flesh tones and blending muted colors. For more color options shop our other Matte Nylon Spandex Collections — Classic and Neons. One (1) yard of this fabric measures 36" x 60". Content: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex | Cut Width: 58/60" | Weight: 200 gsm, 5.9 oys. Image colors will vary per screen. For precise color matching, we recommend purchasing the Matte Nylon Spandex Color Card.