Tie Dye Spandex Fabric | Blue Moon Fabrics

Shopping for fabric doesn't have to be a headache anymore, here is a quick list of answers for the most commonly asked questions. 

Do you have to buy fabric by the yard?

You don’t have to purchase fabric by the yard. However, if you are shopping for fabric online, this tends to be the trend as most online fabric retailers sell fabric by the yard (and some might sell by the half yard). If you prefer a custom fabric length, we recommend coming directly at our store to purchase your desired amount. 

How much does one yard of fabric cost?

When shopping for fabric by the yard, the price can vary. It all depends on fabrication and the collection, as some licensed or designer textiles might have higher price points.

How wide is the fabric sold by the yard?

The width of fabric sold by the yard can vary, depending on your choice of textile. Fabrics can be found in widths ranging from 45 inches to 58 inches.

What fabric is most used in clothing?

It is estimated that 62% of all fibers used in the fashion industry are made from a synthetic material – mainly polyester, but also nylon, acrylic, polypropylene and elastane.

What are the benefits of fabrics?

Fabric tends to be more comfortable than leather, because overall it is softer and warmer. Wear and tear on fabric can vary depending on the grade and the contents of the fabric. Fabric will not scratch like leather may. Fabrics are unlimited in their color and pattern selections.

What is the most flexible fabric?


Also known as elastane or lycra, spandex is the scretchiest, most flexible corporate apparel fabric around. Spandex is a special type of synthetic fiber made from a long chain of synthetic polymer known as polyurethane. Its most important characteristic is stretchability, it can stretch up to 500% to its normal size and it's widely used for preparing sportswear.