Antimicrobial face mask in black on mannequin bust.
Antimicrobial Fabric Mask - Black

Antimicrobial Fabric Mask - Black

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Stylish, Comfortable and made of fabric engineered specifically for extended wear, the Antimicrobial Fabric Masks come in 6 Colors and 5 Prints.

Each mask features a laser cut, single-layer construction of light-weight 3-ply knitted material made of 99.9% ATB®-UV+ fiber. With permanent silver ion technology, fabrics made with ATB®-UV+ prohibit the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on their surface even after long periods of use and many washes.

Utilized for undergarments, sportswear and uniform applications, ATB®-UV+ fibers offer UV Protection, absorb moisture quickly, and dry 20% faster than polyester fibers and in half the time of cotton fibers.

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