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Ritzy Crinkle Nylon Polyester Spandex with Metallic Fabric | Blue Moon Fabrics

What’s the Best Swimsuit Fabric in 2022?

The best fabric for swimwear is a polyester/elastane blend. Elastane is the super stretchy fabric better known by the brand names Spandex or Lycra. Polyester is colorfast and resistant to chlorine, making it a perfect choice, Nylon is another good fabric for swimwear! For this reason, almost every type of swimwear fabric contains elastane fibers. Elastane is a synthetic fiber with elastic qualities that revolutionized the fashion industry when it was developed in the 1960s. Elastane is the generic name for Lycra or Spandex. Lycra, Spandex, and elastane are all basically the same thing, so don’t get hung up on the branding.
Elastane is blended with other synthetic fibers to provide a comfortable stretch. The blend varies based on the manufacturer and the desired qualities of the fabric, but generally it is made with around 10%-20% elastane to 80%-90% other fiber(s).

Blue Moon Fabrics latest and hottest swimwear fabric is the Ritzy Crinkle Nylon Polyester Spandex Jacquard. This fabric is guaranteed to make you feel confident, glamourous and comfortable this summer! With Metallic touches glitzy textured crinkle, the gorgeous fabric adds a little sparkle to your life. Glamorous, trendy, and fun, this high quality fabric has incredible stretch and amazing recoil! Ritzy's 4-way stretch is soft and ideal for swimwear, resort fashion and dance. It is meant to stretch to fit all those gorgeous curves and to allow for a comfortable and safe swim.


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