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Cosmic 4-Way Stretch Sequin on Spandex Fabric | Blue Moon Fabrics


Unique. Inspiring. Elevated.

Why be ordinarily boring, when you can be Cosmic? When you're the epitome of stretch sequin, it’s no wonder elite designers like Michael Costello incorporate this out of this world fabric when they need to make a statement. His use of Cosmic for the gown of athlete and influencer Natalie Eva Marie at this year’s ESPY Awards showcased not only her undeniable beauty but the fabric’s versatility and ability to exhibit true individuality in such a glamorous fashion. 


This beautifully flexible Nylon Spandex blend provides four-way stretch while still providing that WOW factor with allover embroidered micro sequins. In comparison to our other stretch sequin products, such as Zsa Zsa, Cosmic allows ultimate stretch-ability and functionality while not ceasing to provide the ultimate glamour of full-on sequins. No fabric peeking through, no patchy spaces, just glam.  

Now it’s no secret that sequined fabric is an absolute pain to work with - and if you didn’t know that until now, I’m sorry, but it’s true. The encapsulating beauty of sparkles on sparkles on sparkles definitely comes with a price, nevertheless the beauty and satisfaction after that “sequin removal trauma” is invaluable. With so many end uses - couture and evening gowns being the most obvious - Cosmic is a multifaceted product, allowing for creativity to drive your project, whatever it may be. Going to a music festival and want to highlight your personality? The holographic component of Cosmic X may just suit your fancy. Making costumes for a dance recital or theater production? Cosmic Glow has many color options that will surely shine under stage lights. Wanting a girly, feminine evening gown? Try Cosmic Pearl for a little twist on your average pastels. 

From dancewear to festival attire, this fabric has so much more to offer than only evening gowns. Next time you have a big event, or even just want to get a bit creative and have some fun, consider one of our many Cosmic colorways and you will certainly stand out amongst the crowd. The opportunities are limitless, and without a doubt, this product is a masterpiece of cosmic proportions.


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