Blue Moon Fabrics Spandex Activewear Collection

Fabric, what is fabric? The word fabric is a word that resonates with most of us, but how many of us really think about  the complexity and art behind the creation of fabric. Well here at Blue Moon Fabric, we are truly passionate about understanding every step of the process. 


To understand fabric, one must first understand the many different functions it serves such as clothing, shoes, bags, and homewares like bedsheets, cushions, and towels and so much more. It can be thick or thin, rough or smooth, heavy or lightweight; the qualities of different types of fabric depend on what it's made from. With all of the contributions fabric makes to our everyday lives, it also provides us with the opportunity to express our creativity in the form of art.


Stretchable fabric is what we take pride in specializing in here at Blue Moon Fabrics. Spandex has become highly popular in sportswear in recent years. It is safe to say, as a society we are becoming more aware about the importance and effects of physical activity on our well being and health. In most types of athletic pursuits, wearing clothes that ride close to the skin is important, so spandex fabric is used in swimwear, bicycling apparel, and types of clothing that are used in competitive team sports. Spandex fabric has lots of benefits; apart from its ability to regain its original shape when not in use and form, it is also an extremely comfortable fabric. It is lightweight, supple, and resistant to body oils  which justifies why they are perfect for activewear! There are endless ways of creating with spandex fabric, start creating today!