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David Rabani owner of Blue Moon Fabrics is, and always has been a dreamer but also a go- getter. When he first began in the fabric industry a quarter of a century ago, he knew that what mattered to him most was the quality he was delivering to his customer. He set himself a goal and the promise to always ensure the satisfaction of his customers. Additionally, he knew that he wanted to provide more than just fabric; that is why Blue Moon Fabrics strives to share a culture; in which every customer's need is understood, and create an unforgettable experience for them. 

What sets us apart from other businesses is our fundamental value of providing the most exquisite fabrics to our customers, because we believe that is what they deserve! With our years of experience, we have developed a skill for understanding exactly what fabrics customers need. In order to do so, we decided to narrow down and focus on stretchable fabrics. At Blue Moon Fabrics we have developed a genuine and profound love for Spandex Fabric. We acknowledged the everlasting and unique characteristics of the fabric, and decided to embrace them with the world.

Because we rejoice in the art created by customers; with hard, continuous effort and determination, we have created a selection of stretchable fabrics that will suit each and every need of our customers! From activewear, cosplay, swimwear, evening gowns, athleticwear, you name it, it has it all! Blue Moon Fabrics, which first began as a small brick-and-mortar, has today developed into a family of 7 employees, who commonly share the love and interest in our exclusive top quality stretchable fabric selections. In the past 3 years, Blue Moon Fabrics has had the chance to expand online and move to a space three times larger, with the help of its entire team. Understanding our customers' needs has led us to build a transparent and loyal relationship with them.

Today Blue Moon Fabrics takes enormous pride/honor in being a fabric distributor for some worldwide known Designers, Fashion stars, TV figures, Famous Athletes, Singers, and Artists. With faithful and patient work, we are today worldly known for the exquisite fabrics that we take joy in providing to the world. Additionally, Blue Moon Fabrics has given opportunities to small businesses, owners, and individuals to create their art with our fabrics. However, our mission is not complete. The Blue Moon Fabrics family is here to continuously ensure customer satisfaction and allow people to express their creativity through our fabrics. Art doesn't have any restrictions or limits, neither does our fabric, because the possibilities are endless, so are our dreams and goals! We embrace every single one of our customers, and that is why we will continue to provide you only with the best! Because fashion starts here at Blue Moon Fabrics. 


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