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Halloween Costume Ideas 2022


Whether you love or hate Halloween, it is inevitable that you will need a costume. We all know that Halloween, like every other holiday, creeps around before we know it! Next thing you know, your friend is asking you what you are wearing to the party that they mentioned to you two weeks ago. BUT YOU COMPLETELY FORGOT.  One of the most dreadful and stressful feelings is having NO clue what to be for Halloween. You promised your friend you would go to that party, and now you are stressed running around trying to put a last minute costume together. This year we will make sure that doesn't happen to you! 

 Also, if you are a parent you especially know that it is a BIG NO to be the parent that doesnt dress up for Trick or Treating. We all know that the parents who don't wear a costume, are the boring parents, and none of us want to be them! So for the sake of the kids you must be prepared this year. Having a fun, original, and authentic halloween costume might be the key for having a good night. This year Blue Moon Fabrics is here to make sure that you get inspired to create the best halloween costume thus far! We have carefully created a selection of Halloween fabrics available online and in store, to allow you to get inspired, and be prepared. So when your friend asks you what you are wearing to the party you can proudly and confidently tell them about your cool costume.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing your Halloween costume:

1- Make sure that it is original! No one wants to show up at a party wearing the same costume as 10 other people there. 

2- Make sure that you pick the best fabric for your comfort! Whether you are at a party or trick or treating, comfort is a huge element to keep in mind with your costumes. 

Remember, with Blue Moon Fabrics you can be anything or anyone you want this year! Shop our Halloween fabrics today before it's too late!


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